Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall is in the Air

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Yesterday I felt a definite chill in the air..something I hadn't felt in months. I had the doors open and the fresh breeze coming into the house...It was delightful. Last night, when I let the dogs out for the last time before bed, it was almost chilly. Had I been out walking, I would've needed a jacket! I just LOVE this time of year, even though I know deep down that there's a good chance it might get hot again, it is the flicker of hope that right around the corner is cooler weather, crispy leaves falling from the golden trees, children looking forward to choosing their pumpkins, and spicy apple cider.

It has taken every ounce of willpower to not haul out my Fall decorations up until today. Many of my primitive friends have been busy filling their homes with gourds and pumpkins and deep orange bittersweet, but I have resisted. Fall is my favorite time of year, the time of my birth (don't ask how many years ago THAT was, just know that it is October) and the season I look forward to the most. I enjoy every breath of Autumn, and the first drive to the apple orchard gives my skin a good goosebumpy cover.

Yesterday, I took my long jaunt to the mailbox at the end of our country driveway much slower than normal. The cool breeze was so refreshing and the fields beyond the houses up and down the road have taken on a noticeable golden haze. In the mailbox I found my Fall issue of Midwest Living, and the cover was glowing orange...the photograph of a hollowed pumpkin full of Fall foliage and the title above read "A Perfect Autumn!" I couldn't help myself from skipping back up the driveway like a schoolgirl.

Speaking of school, my children enjoyed their Back to School Orientation last night, and received many high-fives and hugs from friends they hadn't seen since June. My oldest is now officially a high schooler, and I'm trying to be excited for him, though deep down, I wish I could hold on to his childhood just a little longer. Jillian proudly graduated from kindergarten last June, and now she marched into her school as a first grader, just brimming with excitement to find out who her teacher would be. We found her new classroom and greeted her teacher, and once Mrs. Kleinert invited her to look around the room, Jillian found a wonderful bucket of seashells and a magnifying glass. She studied those shells intently for 15 minutes, the only child in the classroom. I had to pry her away at 8pm because the orientation was officially over. She was sad to leave. She can't wait until the first day of school and every minute it seems, at home, she is carrying around her new lunchbox! I will have to shop for the rest of our school supplies in secret, because otherwise little Jillian will insist on using them. Is there not a happier mother, than one who has children excited to learn?

This morning I was awakened by the dog who just HAD to go outside before 7am. I was so sleepy and didn't want to make the trek downstairs and out the door but knew if I didn't, I'd have to deal with the consequences later. (ha). So, I made it to the door with Drake (our labradoodle) and oh my goodness, it was so chilly that I almost swore I saw frost! It was MIRACULOUS! I stood there in my pajamas and watched the morning sun for just a moment, and ran back inside because I was frozen! I love to be frozen in August. And I decided, the bits of chill that greet me in the morning and lull me off to sleep at night, are just the push I needed to start decorating for Fall. It will be slow going, I'm not even sure where all the decorations are. Last year we moved in August and I wasn't able to do anything other than pumpkins on the porch because the house was so upside down. This year, I'm afraid the house just may be dripping with leaves and bittersweet and pumpkins and wonderful spicy candles burning.

Please enjoy ever second of this changing season is a glorious gift we have from God and I wouldn't give up having four seasons for anything. Well, unless I could delete summer all together or shrink it down to just a week or two...;-)

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