Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Arrives

Here in our part of Michigan, it is the first day of school for the kids. I hear people say, "Where did the summer go??" however, my summer was long and I yearned for Fall to arrive. The children had lots of friends to play with over the summer; we enjoyed the dulcimer festival in July; watched tractors go off to farm fests around the community...Summer was a full one. Not to mention my surgery back in August...I am just past five weeks of recovery and looking forward to my check up next week, where I will hopefully hear the doctor say that the recovery went fine and I can resume normal activity. (I think I hit my limit yesterday--not only was I overwhelmed with trying to get all the kids' school supplies prepared but the fact that I have had limited activity due to the surgery, has driven me beyond insane! I've never looked forward to being able to carry baskets of laundry or be able to haul my vacuum up and down the stairs in all my domestic life!)

This year, we have a first grader, a seventh grader, and a ninth grader. WE HAVE A KID IN HIGH SCHOOL!! Now THAT blows me away. I was more distraught over this realization than the day he entered Kindergarten! Our youngest could barely sit still in the van on the way to school ...She couldn't wait to get there. The older two? Could care less. Miraculously our 9th grader jumped out of bed this morning ... (he's the dead sleeper)... but the 7th grader lagged. And complained. And cried. And tried to refuse to go all together. Thankfully, my cheerfulness (though some moments were fake) and my soulful prayers to God worked on this 12 year old bugger, though--by the time we pulled in the parking lot, he was smiling.

I love new school supplies. The smell of newly sharpened pencils and the crisp, clean paper....Boxes of crayons that have never been opened....It reminds me of my own school days and sometimes I wish I could go back. I loved school...(though Middle school was not my favorite, .. Elementary and high school were wonderful.) It is so much fun for me to have a child still loving school! Jillian happily walked in and right to her 1st grade hallway, no nerves at all. I was more interested in seeing who of her Kindergarten classmates would be in her new class than she was, and I also was more thankful to see some familiar faces in line with her, too! When I walked her into her class, and watched her get her name tag from her new teacher, I eyed the room and found a table with girls that had a few empty seats. She sat down happily with her new playdough and I watched as an old friend looked nervously around. I called her over to sit with Jillian. Her name is Olivia, and this year is a BIG first for her--she is separated from her other two triplet siblings! Last year, all three girls were in Jillian's class. This year, each of the triplets have a different teacher. I so wanted to help make her feel included. Two other girls at Jillian's table weren't familiar, and I learned their names and introduced them to eachother and to Jillian and Olivia. The one was very nervous and shy. Her mother had already left the classroom, and even though my own daughter was eagerly pounding her playdough and very sure of herself, I still felt the need to try to make Madison feel more comfortable. I talked to her about her pretty name, and asked if she knew the other girls at the table, which she did not. Before I left, I whispered to Jillian to remember Madison at play time and to try to make her feel welcome.

It was a strange drive home, leaving my three babies at school. Babies. So funny to think I used to haul them all around in carseats and change diapers and walk the floors at night with them when they wouldn't sleep, and here they are, less and less dependent by the moment, it seems. I'm proud of each and every one of them and I can't wait to hear how their first day went.

After I got home, I couldn't help myself. I cleared three rooms of toys and clutter and started cleaning! It's not even 10am and I have the entire first floor of the house finished. The dishwasher is whirring and everything smells so fresh and clean. And there is quiet. Peace and quiet. I can even hear the clock ticking and the chimes singing outside the window. No blaring TV, no loud shooting war games on the Xbox...no Spongebob and his annoying chatter...It's wonderful. Yes, September has arrived and I am thankful for it.

I still have painting to do, in the living room on the new wall which hides the TV and all its stuff. I might get to that today, or I might enjoy the rest of my free time by reading or catching up on emails. My dining room is completely upside down since I sold the furniture in there and there are boxes and crates full of all the stuff I cleaned out of the china cabinet. We have another table, an 1800s farmhouse table and benches, which are wonderful, in the center of the room, but the stepback cupboard that I hauled home still needs some mending before I can bring it in and fill it up. This week I will also make time to bring in the boxes of Fall decor from the barn, and begin to adorn the house. I meant to get to that last week, but time got away from me!

I have had so many adventures, from antiquing with my Kentucky friend to chasing down more Craigslist ads, that I need to write about...but for now, I'll sign off ... sit back...and enjoy the quiet. I hope you have a very enjoyable, new September day.


  1. Rochelle~ I sure wish we lived closer. I SO enjoy your posts and all of your craigslist adventures! I especially loved this post about the first graders. I started my 29th year as a first grade teacher myself last week and I still get nervous on my first day. LOL! never know what you're gonna get, ya know? I only had up to go this year and even though it's only been 6 days so far, things aRE LOOKING GOOD. Wish your daughter a great year for me. Sounds like she'll have lots of new girlfriends. Enjoy your daily peace and quiet and don't overdo it. Surely, you can't have much room left. How many square feet do you have to work with anyway? Our new house is so open, I have filled it up already. Gotta take the decorating up with the accessories...very high ceilings. Got a new glass front cupboard at an antique store Saturday. Also went to a few antique stores by myself yesterday(hubby does not share my passion). It would have been more fun with you. Got a cutter quilt(which will not be cut!), an antique blue coverlet(twin size), antique muted pumpkin colored bowl, pewter basket, pewter sugar and creamer. Just came back from a craigslist run in the next town. Got a windsor rocker, burgundy Country House wall cupboard and a large (9x12) Country House braided rug for a steal! Hated to hear the circumstances but glad to take them off her hands. Remember take it SLOW!! Always look forward to your next post. Hope to be able to post pics soon!


  2. Wow, Judy--you really have been hauling home great stuff!! I wish we lived closer too---we'd have a blast shopping together! Kudos to you for teaching 1st grade! That is so wonderful. They are just so cute at that age and bursting with excitement (some, more bursting than others, I'm sure!) Jillian just can't sit still in the morning, can't wait to get to school. She has a locker this year and is so thrilled about it!
    We have 2800 sq ft here, the biggest chunk is the master bedroom! I have been selling a LOT these past weeks to make room for things I am finding. This was always the goal, to buy AND sell, but it was always so hard for me to let go of anything! Now I've learned to let go and I'm finding that it feels so good to make room for something even better. I'm counting down--four more days to 6 wks of recovery, and I just cheated, against my husband's better judgement, I helped him carry in a dry sink that has been riding around in my van for three days! It wasn't very heavy and I will do less other stuff today. yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! haha