Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taking it Easy is Hard to Do

I had surgery two weeks ago yesterday, and I'm supposed to be laying low for six weeks. This is so hard for me to do. I have the best intentions, but things around the house need to be done, and I found out yesterday, that even though I'm TRYING to delegate tasks to the children, they don't always get them done the way they need to be. I wish I wasn't so OCD (ha) that I have to go back and redo them. In fact, had we not had company coming yesterday, I would've just let it go. But seriously. Vacuuming twice and still not getting the dirt? Is vacuuming (with a Dyson, no less) REALLY that hard to do? Hard wood floors and two dogs...sorry. I had to go back and catch it all.

I do have a stack of new primitive decor books to keep me dreaming, and I did pick up a good stack of books to read. But I have such a hard time concentrating on reading when the kids are loud and there are wars being fought (on Xbox of course)....**sigh** I know there have been days when I've begged for downtime, but seriously, two weeks of downtime and I'm flipping out!

I did manage to go on another Craigslist run. I found a wonderful trade sign, that reads "Dr. E.E. Cribbs, Veterinary, Surgeon and Dentist." I wasn't sure of the history, and the seller didn't know either, he had had it since 1971. I did a random Google search for kicks, and actually tracked down info about Dr. Cribbs! It was printed in a 1914 Veterinary Medical Journal, that Dr. Cribbs took over the Veterinary practice in Kalamazoo, MI after the sudden death of the previous doctor. It also listed Dr. Cribbs as being responsible for the control of contagious diseases within the county. I can't wait to have it hung (since I can't lift it, I can't hang it)'s six feet long by about 2 ft wide. It's two sided as well. If I could figure out a way to post pics here on my blog without screwing up the entire thing, I'd show ya!

I'm looking forward to next Saturday. It's the first monthly meeting of A Primitive Journey chapters. Our chapter will be meeting at the Pride and Country Village in Saginaw. It's a fascinating village full of old buildings just bursting with antiques and collectibles, and a whole lot more! Check it out: If you haven't joined your local chapter yet, you should! Chapters meet every month at different locations for shopping and learning and touring, and once a year, there will be a national convention so we all can get together from across the nation! Head on over to for more info and to sign up.

Hope the weekend was a good one for ya! I'm desperately looking forward to Fall. Not only for decorating and enjoying the outside weather, but because I will be getting back to my normal self after this darn surgery! ;-)

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  1. Hi Rochelle!!
    I know that anytime the Doc says "stay home,laying on the sofa, relaxing" the first thing you want to do is WALKING 2000 MILES, CLEANING ALSO THE CLOUDS!! I know it perferctly.
    But if you want to recover soon, you have to do exactly what the doctors told you.
    Next October you will have enough time and days for cleaning everything but till then.... SURF THE NET, WATCH SOME ROMANTIC MOVIES AND LISTEN MUSIC! THIS IS A MUST!!!
    Take care Rochelle!!

  2. Thanks, Laura...You're right. I need to take it easy. I'm learning, I'm learning!