Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New and Ongoing Projects

Here are some photos of my latest projects and Craigslist finds. The cupboard out of a butler's pantry of a house built in 1890, Pennsylvania. Probably not in its "forever' spot in my house, but I'm love it already! The trade sign is original, from 1914. I only know that because I researched it online, and was able to track down an article in a 1914 Veterinary Medical Journal stating that Dr. Cribbs took over a practice in Kalamazoo, MI when the previous veterinarian passed away unexpectedly. It's a large sign--6 ft x 2 ft! Even better in person.
In my living room, I'm having a faux wall built to house our TV and electric fireplace...the photo with the yellow cupboard is what the room looked like before the new wall. Amazingly, the room now feels so much larger with the new wall, even though a foot of space was taken to build it! (I'd have taken a larger room photo for ya, but the little girl has taken it over with a giant pretend dinosaur and stacks of blocks and boxes!) The TV and section with the DVD/cable/boxes will be covered by doors, so when not in use, nothing electronic will be visible. It's coming along nicely and it adds so much to the room.

I've also been working to collect things to fill up my master bath ...there is a huge garden jacuzzi tub and surround that takes up half the room, and I have to say, it's one of the biggest primitive decor challenges I've faced yet! I'm searching for vintage undergarments to hang from a shaker drying rack ...which will take up a good amount of space. I actually posted a wanted ad for 'old cotton underclothes' on freecycle, and luckily I haven't gotten any offers for everyone's old ratty underwear! LOL I did get a few Civil War and Colonial repro pieces from a friend of mine that will fit in nicely, and I won an auction for a turn of the century (1900) chemise and petticoat with handmade lace....can't wait for it to arrive. I'll post pics of the ongoing master bath project soon.

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  1. I really like that wall you put in, what a difference!! Wow, I didn't know there was "freecycle" other than in Ontario, I have found some good things of of there as well as gotten rid of things too. I bet you can't wait to receive the things you won at the auction... looking forward to pics :) Have fun with the master bath project! Must be nice to have a jacuzzi tub in it :) Take care and look forward to more posts!!