Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Boring Week Turned Around

This past week has been a long one. Monday I had surgery, which went very well--I had Novasure ablation, D&C, and LEAP done. I won't go into details but it was outpatient and after I finally came out of the post-op groggy stage, I felt fine. Way better than I ever imagined. I didn't even have to fill the pain meds prescription. The problem is, I have to take it easy. I can't lift anything heavy for six weeks. SIX WEEKS!! If you know me, you know that that's enough to send me to the loony bin. I am always moving furniture, hauling treasures from craiglist ads, painting, rearranging...**sigh**. Anyway, the day after surgery, I felt SO good that I decided I could at least go shopping at Hobby Lobby to pick up some dried flowers for my master bath and some of my favorite Fall candles.

I was wrong. (hate to admit that...)

Half way through the store, I felt as if I had just run a marathon. I was weak and sweaty and thirsty and just felt exhausted. I was so mad at myself. I should be able to walk through one store!! And then it hit me, yes I had SURGERY yesterday. I get it now. I understand what "take it easy" means. And I left the store. From that point, I did do bits of things around the house but made sure I took lots of breaks and put my feet up as much as I could stand. My mother and my husband were calling me every hour to make sure I was ok, and that I wasn't lifting. My husband called to remind me not to carry laundry! I really appreciated everyone looking out for me, but by Friday, I thought I was losing my mind. I felt so edgy. I was tired, but I was bored and even though I had a huge stack of new magazines and six primitive books (which arrived in the mail the day of the surgery), I just couldn't sit still!

I finally hit the road and ended up at my mom's, and she and I went out to some resale shops. It felt so good to get out! I picked up a few odds and ends, including a wonderful comb back Windsor chair, which has a very old label on the bottom, I'm still trying to date it. It's reproduction but I found out that reproductions were being made in the 1800s so who knows!
I also picked up another old Calumet baking powder can for my growing collection and some wooden spoons, as well. Overall, a very enjoyable little shopping trip.Saturday morning with my coffee, I perused the 'net, made my regular rounds between email, the primitive forums I enjoy and of course, Craigslist. I found many treasures I could die for, however, most were out of state, and right now, out of the question. I did manage to find a cupboard taken from the butler's pantry of a house built in PA in 1890, for only $75! I had to sprint for that. But what an adventure it ended up being!
Usually when I go off chasing CL ads, I drop off the kids and pick up my co-pilot (my mom) and we head out. But this time was different, since I am not supposed to lift anything. I had to take the kids along. My dad was at a tractor show so he couldn't stay with Jillian, and my mom knew the area of Detroit better than I did so I wanted her along (besides, she's too much fun to leave behind) we left town with a full van before we even GOT the cupboard. I knew it was going to be interesting. We made it to the house and I went in with the boys and saw the cupboard, and immediately loved it. But it was heavy .... and I could do nothing to help it into the van! My oldest is a brute, but the younger one, God love him, has spaghetti arms. Even if he HAD muscle, he'd deny it. He just does not like anything to do with any kind of work. I already promised the boys extra in their allowances to do this for me. But oh my goodness. What a circus. The two sisters ( older retired women) who sold it to me were trying to help the boys, they were the tiniest women I've ever seen and one had had back surgery! PJ was doing all he could but he's only one kid, and Ethan was pretending to help. Finally they managed to get the cupboard to the door of the house, but there was a big step to the porch and three big steps to the ground level! One of the sisters decided to get a big piece of cardboard to put under the cupboard so the "team" could try to slide it out the door. You have NO idea how hard this all was for me to watch. PJ and I could've had the cupboard in the van and been down the road by then!! But I couldn't lift it. Ugh!! Well, the cardboard helped to get it down to the porch and down to the ground. Then they used it under the cupboard to get it across the lawn ...That was hilarious. PJ was pushing, the ladies were "guiding", and Ethan was on the ground pulling the edge of the cardboard. Oh my goodness! Finally got it to the van, and PJ and Ethan somehow managed to get it IN the van. I'll never know how, other than a band of angels helping out invisibly! It JUST fit in, too...with Jillian still in her booster seat and all the other seats in the floor. Before we loaded ourselves up, the sisters offered that we see their garage sale leftovers. Most of their prices were quite high. I did buy an old sugar sack and an old coffee can for my collection. They showed me some handiwork from their uncles, items they were not selling I wish I had taken photos! They built a little wheel chair out of old fruit crates and two wheels from a little bike. It was hilarious! Then they built a storage table, looked something like the shape of a desk, from old fruit crates, and the drawers were made from big olive oil cans cut in half and stuck in the cubbies. It was amazing. True "make-do".

Anyway, we decided to hit the road after that. Ethan climbed in first and sat on the floor, and then PJ climbed in. I drove the tune of PJ moaning. He is bigger than me now and really had very little room to sit. In fact, he ended up trying stand up, bent over, behind me as I drove. It was awful!! Ethan and Jillian were play fighting loudly over some toy, and PJ was moaning and uncomfortable. Turns out he hadn't eaten yet that day. Unbelievable. He begged for Taco Bell, which I didn't mind, but trying to find one was another story. We drove almost a half hour like that before we found one. Before we finally did stop though, Ethan strangely lost control of his arm which 'accidentally' hit PJ and then PJ LOST IT! He hit Ethan and spit at him, which makes me INSANE and Mom and I proceeded to tell both boys off all together. It was just ridiculous! My kids can't manage to ride together for a half hour. I know these were uncomfortable circumstances, but they have it so easy compared to when we were kids. My gosh. My cousins, all five of them, had to ride with their parents in a VW Bug!!! Now THAT, my friend, is close quarters! We finally all ate and managed to find our way home. My husband and PJ carried in the cupboard and we all finally got back to normal! What a ride.

I love the cupboard... I did decorate it a little last night because I just had to see it with something on it before I went to bed. I'm not sure it will stay that way but for now, I'm enjoying it!

Life around here is always an adventure!

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  1. Hey, Rochelle! Love your new windsor chair! What a find! I can't imagine how big your home is...there's ALWAYS room for more furniture and you never get rid of anything! Our new house does not allow that AND it filled up with furniture SOOOO fast! That's what I hate about these new open houses! Anyway, your story about your new cabinet sounds hilarious but I could not SEE all the words. I just filled in the blanks myself. LOL! Your NEW old cabinet looks great. Wish I lived near you...would love love to go junking together.