Thursday, July 15, 2010

What was I thinking?

Oh my my. Yes my wheels are always turning, however, they don't seem to notice when they are going too fast!
So, my genie came over yesterday. The day before he and my husband went fishing instead of working here. No big deal, I was busy chasing craigslist ads all over Detroit anyway. Well, when my genie came over, I COMPLETELY forgot about my bathroom door trim and I immediately had him measure for the fireplace wall in the living room. I pulled out three books and all sorts of photos to give him an idea of what I want. He is no good for me. He mentioned that he could even put in a DOOR...the old door he pulled out of my grandparents' farmhouse that sits all chippy in my garage right now...and a WINDOW with working shutters (neither of which will go anywhere)....THEN he even offered an idea to build a roof and shingle it to make the whole thing look like the side of a house! LOL Immediately I had visions of the striped-legged stockings and shoes that stuck out under Dorothy's house from the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. So, I opted for no roof at this point. Great design idea and full of whimsy, but not what I was going for in that room. So, I stood over him at my kitchen table as he figured what the whole thing would cost (around $600) and I did the same thing I always do when he's here working magic. I froze, felt my feet lift off the floor, eyes glazed over, brain shut down completely and just went, "Oh ok, that sounds great!"
Never mind that my bathroom is missing trim. Never mind that I'm broke. Never mind that I'm supposed to be leaving on a small vacation to the annual dulcimer festival I attend with my family every year TODAY. Never mind that my husband already told me he was buying a used boat trailer on Friday. Never mind the house payment that's due. My house is getting better and better every day!
I'm a LOON, I tell ya. A LOON!
So what does my genie do? Runs off and buys all the wood. Drops it back off on my porch. Poof! Rub that lamp and Poof! It's done!! I cleared out the living room on the side that gets the new wall. My husband at that point was completely confused. I often forget to even tell him what's going on because HIS eyes are ALWAYS glazed over when I talk anyway. What's the point? So when Genie (he'd so hate it to know I'm calling him that) was dropping off wood and asking Hubby for help, Hubby wants to know what's going on? Genie (smart one that he is) says "Oh you know, that cement floor you wanted in the pole barn!" hahahaha To which Hubby rolls his eyes and laughs. I'm not sure but I think the fishing trips are more for MY advantage. Because NOW Hubby totally loves Genie. I think I get away with murder around here. Aren't I horrible??? I don't mean to be. I just lived WAY too many years with nothing every getting done and duct tape to hold everything that falls. This is my slice of heaven.

Today, I woke up at 4am thinking about the $$ that I can ill afford...yet how wonderful my living room will look...and I got up to do more pre-camping laundry. Got my bowl of cereal and eagerly sat in front of the TV to watch my missed American Pickers episode---which was a new episode---this past Monday. Guess what? SOMEONE CANCELED MY RECORDING!!! I was sooooo mad! Everyone else gets dibs on the TV and DVR and I always get bumped!! I'm so mad. I watched a rerun instead and chewed too hard on my cereal out of frustration. LOL
Ended up getting sleepy and going back to bed, only to have some psychotic dream about 45 people having a redecorating party at my house which got completely out of control, and the garage door ended up being painted pink with black stripes. Yes, that's a NIGHTMARE for me. Then my phone went off. It was Genie txting, wondering if my day was too busy getting ready for camping for him to come over and start my new wall.
No of course not! Why not come over?? LOL I'm only going to be running around with my head cut off and wondering why the rest of the family isn't lifting a finger (like Hubby, who is still asleep) least I'd have some music to hear through it all----that glorious sound of wood being cut and my dreams coming true.

OH my gosh what was I thinking. Hubby is going to KILL ME!! Oh well. I feed him. What can he do, right??


  1. Ha ha...great post, Rochelle. I enjoyed reading that very much! Do you think that maybe you could send your Genie up my way when you're done with him. I could use one like that! Have a great day.

  2. Rochelle, This is a really great post! I wonder if your Genie has a friend Genie that could come to my house? I have several things I'd like done!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog.. and for also becoming one of my followers.. You are a sweetie!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!


  3. I get nervous when others want my Genie...hehehe he was over here all day today with his kids, who my kids love. So it was one crazy house!! But I am nice, I will share. LOL Wonder if he has clones somewhere??!

  4. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see the pics when it's done. What color are you going to paint it? Ooops, sorry I probably got your wheels turning again. LOL! Have a great trip.