Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A New Venture

Recently I discovered that A Primitive Journey Community ( has begun sprouting local chapters all over the country. I became IMMEDIATELY excited, as I don't have any local friends in my immediate area that are primitives collectors/decorators. When I looked into it, I learned that once a month (third Saturday) every member in each area will meet for a day of friendship and fun -- and shopping, food, crafting, antiquing--who knows! And, if that's not juicy enough, once a year, somewhere in the country, there will be a National Convention for all the chapters to gather together.

Long story short, I became the Director for the Detroit chapter. Detroit is about an hour from me---but it encompasses a large area all the way around Detroit. In fact, the first few members are really a distance from Detroit. It's a good thing, actually, because this gives me more to work with as far as meeting places go. I have a few wonderful primitive places in mind. I'll keep ya posted! I can't wait. Our first meeting is August 21st. I just ordered my business cards to help promote our Chapter. Once they arrive, I will visit area antique and prim shops and start networking, looking for more members. (Like I need a reason to visit antique shops!)

Speaking of antiquing, while I was at the dulcimer festival in Evart, MI this past weekend, I actually got away from the music and had a great adventure with my friend Gloria, whose husband plays music with me. We logged into my iPhone's White Pages app and looked up area antique and resale stores and headed about 25 miles away. What a BLAST!! The first shop we found, which was the farthest away, was CLOSED on Saturdays. Can you believe that?? I felt awful since Gloria was the one driving! But it wasn't long before we found garage sales which led us to antique shops which led us to primitive stores....aaaaaahhhh it was so much fun!! Hot, but fun. We spent most of the time in Cadillac. I found some more pieces for my vintage green kitchenware collection, rolling pins, an old landscape painting, a vintage handkerchief, a brown soda bottle from Port Huron (all the way from Port Huron) that had a message across the bottom: "This contains no medicines or poison" so I guess it was safe to drink! I found an old apple crate, a good amount of unused ticking fabric for pillows, a table broom (for crumbs,) ...hmmm. What else?? OH I almost forgot. Another ice pick! This one has messages on the sides of the handle, one of which says "Crushed Ice: Try it Once, Use it Always!" Now, imagine having to crush ice by hand, using a pick, every time you wanted a drink. (My kids really have no idea how easy they have it!!) And besides being a fun collectable, ice picks really would be a nice thing to carry in your purse for safety. You could really hurt someone with a hand held ice pick!! What a fun day that was. Music by night, antiques by day....that's MY idea of a fabulous vacation!

As far as the music end went, it was enjoyable as it always is. Though every year, the jams end earlier and earlier. I was up playing music until about 2:30 am on Friday night. By midnight on Saturday, nothing was going on! But I will say, what used to be a festival I looked forward to to learn and play music, it's so much more than that now. I have made so many very good friends over the last 20 years ---I just can't wait to get there to see everyone! Most of which I only get to see once or twice a year. And as always, it was so, so wonderful to see friends again. The boys both met up with their festival friends too, and Jillian had a blast with Brielle--who lives near us but we never seem to find time to get together. They hung out the whole weekend!! It was so great. I come home completely exhausted every year but it's so worth it. (And in the horrible heat we've been having, we were very grateful to be staying a camper with a/c this year!)

So back to the grind. Hard to get back to 'normal' life after a long weekend away....I warned the kids about how tired I knew I'd be, in fact I even taught Jillian about "Vegetable Day." Vegetable Day is what I call the Monday after Evart. Where I lay around like broccoli and do nothing! hehe I overheard her telling other people about Vegetable Day too, and that cracked me up.

Well, I have three extra boys overnight tonight...friends of PJ. Ethan is at Grandma's tonight and will have a friend overnight tomorrow night. Phew. Good thing is, I can take a break from keeping the house clean. With all these kids around, the house doesn't have a chance! ;)

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  1. I wish you all the best with this new adventure!!! ...if I were there I would participate! Always!!!

    Enjoy it!