Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Room on the List

Well, since last August, I have been a painting and decorating fool. No, scratch that. Since 1998. We have had six houses since then and this just happens to be the most recent one, which was in need of drywall repair, carpet replacement, complete internal makeover, you name it. Anyway, since we moved here, I've been moving from room to room to room, giving this 2001 house a good ole fashioned country primitive feel. So far it's gone very well, even though I'm still tweaking this and that. I'm never REALLY done. That's the fun of this hobby though.
So in the last couple of days, I finally bit the bullet and committed to a color for the master bath. That room has had me STUMPED. So it's stayed dirty flat white. I don't even use that bathroom because it bugs me. Well, the lack of decor and the fact that it doesn't have a door yet. The last owners didn't finish it off exactly. (either that or they had that odd 'open door policy' in the bathroom, something we don't have around here. ) I decided on mustard. Went through a huge stack of paint chips and chose one called Fall Leaves. Painted two coats on the walls and ceilings, and fell into bed. Yesterday morning I woke up to find the whole room glowing in the morning sun.
Not warm and spicy mustard, but some tangerine flavor. I almost cried. I had spent a good small fortune on paint and my budget is about nill right now. I didn't have energy or the $$ to start over. I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to try to work with it. So far it's ok...I found out the morning sun is the issue, not really the color. Once the sun moves from that window the color goes back to a mustard feel. So the answer is to get a better-covering window curtain!
All I've done so far is hung the mirror back up and painted over the cherry vanity in a dry brush treatment in black. That really helped. Today I'm going to find some new drawer pulls and a bit of quarter round to trim off a spot around the gigantic jacuzzi tub and figure out what to do with it. The tub surround consists of Pergo cherry flooring that matches, you guessed it, the floor. Cherry cherry everywhere. Not a bad wood by any means but too much of the fake stuff. If I had a bottomless bank account, I think I would've taken out the giant tub and the Pergo floor, put in wide pine planks and a clawfoot tub. But we can't have everything, can we??! This house, even on a bargain basement budget, has taken our last pennies to bring back to livable condition since last August. We've done well, but we are well broke and have to make-do with what we have at this point.
I do love it here. There is so much more to accomplish...especially in the landscaping. We are a beautiful house on a field. Prairie is such a nicer sounding word than field. So that's the name. ;-) Someday we'll have trees and flowers and a railing around the porch and a fence for the dogs. Someday. For now, we will be thankful for what we do have. A wonderful home.
And very bright mustard color bathroom walls. ;-)

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