Monday, July 12, 2010

Relearning the whole blogging thing....

Normally, in my circle of friends and family, I am the one everyone calls when they have computer trouble, confusion problems understanding this or that, or need to find something quick on the internet. However, I am the one feeling completely idiotic at the moment. I have been blogging for years on other sites. Now that I have officially moved to Blogger, I am stumped! I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to make the darn thing LOOK nice. By that time I have no inspiration or energy left to WRITE anything and I am so frustrated that I just want to cry! So, I do apologize for my 'skinny' blog. Not much to read just yet. I think though that I have found a look I can live with, at least for awhile, so my new goal is to finally make myself at home here and keep writing. Thank you for having faith in me, and for your patience.


  1. CONGRATULATION FOR THIS BLOG!!! I like its colours!
    Rochelle, you did a good job with this new Blog and believe me:
    at beginning it could look simple or poor but if you take your time and you are not in a hurry you will see that -suddenly- you need a further blog because one is no more enough!! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    I have given a look into the pics of your.... home...?! Do you call it "home"??? I'd call it CASTLE!!! IT'S TOTALLY GREAT AND FANTASTIC AND FABULOUS!! Your really did a great job! You should be really proud of yourself!

    I'm happy to be your second follower!

    See you on CS Forum!!

  2. Hey Rochelle, Congratulations on your new Blog.Love that porch picture. We were in your neck of the woods today. Did you hear my shout-out as we drove thru town? ;)
    Josie -- Royal Oak, MI

  3. Well, next time, Pop on over, Josie!! ;-)