Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was talking to my brother yesterday on the phone after I dropped off the kids to school. He lives in NY. We came upon the subject of my van...the awesome minivan that I drag all over the country to pick up my antique stuff...the van that hauled my refrigerator...the van that should say "Michigan Picker" on the side of it or have a license plate that reads "Prim Junker" or something. Anyway, I glanced down at my mileage and noticed I had turned 97,000 miles.

Yikes. It's only a 2006.

Do you know what that means? That means that all my Craigslist adventures have cost me...(are you sitting down...?) a whopping 35,000 miles a YEAR since I bought my van!! Now, I have to throw in that I drive my kids to school and back every day--and that is 20 miles there, 20 miles back, and the pick up is the same, so you have to allow me part of that mileage for the kids. But yikes!! I think I need to get a prize for having put the most miles on a vehicle without being a door to door salesman! As scary as it is, though, (and the fact that I still owe a ton of dough on the sucker)...I won't be giving up my adventures because of high mileage. Sorry, Charlie.

Today after dropping kids off, I popped in a CD I found in a box that I hadn't heard in ages, by No Strings Attached (one of my all-time favorite dulcimer string bands.) Turned it up as loud as it would go, and hit the country roads to come back home. Normally, fast music makes me drive faster, but I was so intently soaking in the surroundings as I went that I kept it at a steady pace. The leaves are changing and it's glorious. The sun was hitting the tips of the trees which are already shades of red and orange. I just love Fall. There is something about listening to fabulous acoustic old-time music and being able to take in the beauty of nature. Made me want to dance or fly or sing. Next time I go out driving, I need to take my camera and try to get a few shots of the changing leaves.

In other world news, I have the dining room (er, keeping room) about finished as far as decorating goes. It looks nothing like it did two weeks ago and I love it. The living room is coming along too, but I STILL haven't finished painting the doors on the new TV wall. I also visited my doctor for my 6 weeks-past-surgery check up, and guess what? All bans are lifted! That means, I'm completely healed up and you know what THAT means...I CAN CARRY MY OWN JUNK now! I don't have to wait around for someone with muscle to come around and carry my antiques and primitives found on CL for me! I came home and immediately hauled some boxes from one room to the other, just because I could. Now, there is still an overflowing basket of clean laundry at the bottom of the stairs, but I got to really liking other people in the house hauling laundry for me, so I think I'll just leave it there and save my muscle for other things that are more fun.

Remember the lady that had the table that I bought...that had the dry sink I went back for...that had the gameboards I went back for ...and the crocks...and and and? Well she had her estate sale, and her son emailed me to let me know about a few things that were leftover. Guess where my mom and I are off to tomorrow? Yep. You guessed it. Mom wants a wrought iron floor lamp they still have for sale. I don't plan on buying anything. (ha). After we're done there, I'm thinking of hitting a couple of other shops out that way, since we're already driving an hour and twenty. Might as well take advantage of the area. I'm already looking forward to sharing my long lost CDs of happy driving music with my mom for a road trip. ;-)

My nephew called yesterday from Portland, ME. Maine is one of my favorite places to be in the whole world. Every summer growing up, my parents took us in the summer to ME. I fell in love with the history and the winding roads and the salty air ...and the lobster. Speaking of which, my nephew just happens to be what I've dubbed a "wharf master" out there...He buys 1000s of pounds of lobster off the boats daily, and packs em up and ships em out. And he gets to eat them, too, that lucky duck. Half the week now, he's even going out on lobster boats and working. All I can think of is trying to find a way out to ME for a weekend or something. I know I can't afford to take all the family for a major trip, HOWEVER, I keep getting emails advertising really cheap flights now and then, so maybe a little three day trip to ME wouldn't be so hard to do. Hmmm. My birthday is coming up. Perhaps I can let the world know that what I'd like to have is three days in Maine. Maybe my parents could watch the kids over a weekend....Hmmmm. (Of course, if I take a plane, that means less hauling room if I buy any primitives. I guess there is always UPS...or car rentals...!!) If anything, I need to eat a lobster soon. Just hearing about it made my mouth water!

Well, I'm off to run errands, and enjoy this chilly day. It's only 45 degrees. Isn't that grand? **sigh** I even have a fuzzy sweater on today....Funny what things can bring a smile to my face.

May you have a wonderful, comfy-cozy afternoon!

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  1. Wow, Rochelle...45 degrees! It was in the 90's here today!

    I'm with you on the doesn't deter me one bit....I have a 2004 Mazda 3 S and it has a little over 150,000 miles on it! I figure that Mazda can go at least that much more! :)